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Ed World Class Abraham quick bio:
   He took after his grandfather and began playing pool at the age of 13.  He started by watching players practice at the firehouse where his grandfather worked.

 At the age of 40, this mastered player is ranked top 90 amongst USA male pool players.  He is once again ready to further his development in hopes to become a national champion.

  He spent most of his youth playing at Mosconi Billiards and South Philly Billiards. As he grew older, Ed gained many friends in the industry throughout countless encounters with all walks of life. 

  Ed is a 6 time State Pool Champion around the tri-state.  He also recently won the Maryland State Bar Box 9 ball at Great Slates making him the Tornado Club player of the summer 2016.  

Ed World Class Abraham balanced between raising his four children and developing his pool game professional at the same time.   His oldest son is now 18 years old and Ed begins to free up more time.  Now he once again seeks to develope his pool game even further. 

  Ed formerly know as Hammer by the pool players in the community and the tri-state nyc area has decided to join hands with The Tornado Club and official became a Tornado Club Player.  He hopes to work with Mason Tornado as a Tornado Club Player to gain international fan base and further his game.  Ed Abraham is now ranked Top 90 in USA Men pro pool and is now known as World Class Abraham.    

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