Tornado TV Debut:  Multi-ball Trick Shots - Secrets Revealed (1st published video.) 
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Tornado Speed Presents: 

                                              Philly Viper Official Debut
Vinny "Philly Viper" Cimarelli quick bio:
    Vinny has been playing pool for more than 20 years.  His father takes Vinny with him to work since childhood and there is where he began gaining his experience as a pool player.  When he was 15 years old, he began playing recreationally at a pool hall called Drexeline Billiards. 

    At the age of 39, he developed himself from a recreational player to a master pool player whom challenges many pool players frequently including some of the best in the world. 

    Throughout the years, he had been given pool tips and guidence from older players including legendary pool player Jimmy "Flash" Fusco and Pete Fusco.  Today he vouched to have the courage to play anyone. 

    Also known as Philly Viper,  he plays Darren Appleton when both of them have the time at Pete Fusco's in the State of Pennsylvania in America.  Philly Viper is one of those tremendous players behind the scene that players with the best in the world to help keep them well practiced.  

    The Tornado Club brings to our friends, affiliates, and pool players across the planet to have the opportunity to enjoy the Club Debut of Vinny "Philly Viper" Cinmarelli as he gives our fans tips on how to be a high level pool player.  We hope you enjoy his debut as you watch him run out in 9 ball like a high level pro. 

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